3 DOORS DOWN Bassist Charged with Homicide

The illusion has been shattered for me. I work a long, hard day at the porn theater cleaning up crusty jizz on the floor of the booths. I am on my feet all day and then come home and write for this site. When I come home, I want to relax and listen to some inoffensive, mediocre, run-of-the-mill soft rock. That is why I listen to 3 DOORS DOWN. I just don't want to get fired up on political stuff (SYSTEM OF A DOWN) or ready to fight someone physically (HATEBREED). I want to unwind.

Well now I can't even listen to 3 DOORS DOWN because their bassist....allegedly...killed someone. Robert Harrell, 41, was charged with vehicular homicide while intoxicated, drug possession, violating implied consent laws (?), and bringing contraband into a jail (?). The last charge should be on the cops not him. Wasn't he searched?

Harrell was behind the wheel of his Cadillac CTS on Friday when he clipped a Ford F150. The truck was sent out of control, plowed into a guardrail, skidded down an embankment, and Paul Howard Shoulders, 47, was thrown from the truck and died at the hospital.

Police found Harrell about a quarter mile down the road when the Cadillac hit a retaining wall. Harrell failed a field sobriety test and admitted to drinking hard cider and taking prescription painkillers. He had eight Xanax pills and 28 prescription painkillers.

This isn't Harrell's first run-in with a DUI (link). He was charged with a DUI in Mississippi. He got a second chance to clean up his act and he didn't. This time he killed a guy. I only got a GED in law, so I am guessing Mr. Harrell will go to jail for a few years on this charge.

It is sad that someone has lost their life in this situation, but what is also sad is that the bassist of 3 DOORS DOWN can only afford a Cadillac CTS. They have sold millions of records and even royalty checks should at least get him a BMW or a Land Rover.

Link on original story with more details. I can no longer listen to 3 DOORS DOWN because of this tragedy. He has tainted the band for me! I won't be able to hear them dedicate Here Without You to Mr. Shoulders at their concerts.

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