Former KORN Drummer Pleads Guilty to DUI

You probably don't remember, but David Silveria (former drummer for KoRn)was arrested back in March 2012 for a DUI. We tracked the case here and called out the low life scumbags that work at TMZ in this article. It seems Mr. Silveria has a problem.

David Silveria plead guilty to driving under the influence after a hit and run that occurred in Huntington Beach, California on March 2012. The prosecutors dropped the hit and run charges in exchange for him pleading guilty to driving under the influence. The drug of choice....sleeping pills.

Silveria told TMZ that it was an "honest mistake" and he had no alcohol in his system. He even blew a 0.0 on his breathalyzer test but police arrested him for driving under the influence after he told them he took a sleeping pill the previous night.

This is why you keep your mouth shut kids. Don't admit ANYTHING when you are pulled over. Do you know how fast you were driving son? Yes, the speed limit. No, you were going much faster than that.

Do you know why I pulled you over? "No idea officer, but I have a nice suit on tonight." Never just say "Oh I was speeding." It is an admission of guilt and you are innocent until proven otherwise.

Back to the matter at hand, Silveria has been sentenced to three years of informal probation. This is the penalty for a first offender and he must attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel. Kind of odd since he was under the influence of sleeping pills and not alcohol. This case stinks, but I wasn't there and my GED in Law only pertains to PA and Delaware law.

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