Has Scott Weiland Been Fired from Stone Temple Pilots?

SLASH was interviewed on Minneapolis radio station 93X and he said that Scott Weiland had been fired from STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. I guess the interviewer asked SLASH about a potential reunion with VELVET REVOLVER because Scott was mentioning he would be open to the concept. SLASH responded:

"That's because he got fired from STP, I think, all things considered, because these things always catch me by surprise, too, because I only find out about it through the media. I'm on the road in another country and I start hearing all this stuff, so I inquire within, and that's what I was told."

This actually would make a lot of sense. Scott is doing a bunch of solo dates, talking about getting VELVET REVOLVER back together, etc.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Weiland admitted STP was on a break: "I think we kind of overplayed ourselves by playing the same set over and over. I think the band needs to take some time off and be creative again."

I guess if you were fired you wouldn't tell anyone that. I remember when I was fired from my first job. I was charged with cleaning the shit from various animal cages at age 16. I was cleaning out the Beagle cages and for this task you had to wear big white Tyvek white suits. It looked like something from Breaking Bad, but it was necessary. The dirty dogs would jump all over you when you let them out of their cages and they had shit smeared all over their paws from the night before.

I was cleaning the cages, which was a two man job because the cages were stacked on top of one another. One man was in charge of using a putty knife to scrape the dog shit to the pan underneath. The other guy had the hose to spray the contents into the drains.

Mark, a 21 year old burn out, NEVER let me run the hose. I was always the PUTTY knife guy. The hose was the cleaner job for obvious reasons. I decided to get Mark's Tyvek suit a bit dirty.

I would come out of the room muddy, shit stained, and reeking of Beagle essence. Mark would come out clean like a junkie from rehab. I decided to change that and used the knife to scoop up a particularly sticky and powerful log of Beagle shit and fired it right at his chest.

I felt like one of the monkeys from the zoo. My final act of defiance, flinging poo at the tormenters. It was all I had left and I was fired that day....by my father. No joke. Dad Wettner was the head vet there. I got the job from nepotism and lot the job due to ineptness.

What's the point of that story? Well for a few summer's I didn't tell anyone I was fired by my own father for tossing Beagle turds around the "office." So I sympathize with Scott and him not wanting to tell people he was fired from STP. 

I went onto to find a shittier job the following summer, cleaning dog shit at DuPont Pharmaceuticals. I guess what I am trying to say here is that if I can move from one shit job to another, so can Scott Weiland.

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