The Dirty Pearls Land Coveted Gaga After Party Spot

This news isn't really news since it broke weeks ago, but I know a lot of readers of the site follow The DIRTY PEARLS. You probably have already heard about this but THE DIRTY PEARLS have signed on to be LADY GAGS bitch for her upcoming tour. I say that with love and respect.

Before THE DIRTY PEARLS were who they are today we believed in them. They were one of our first interviews, album review, and our first unsigned band we heavily promoted. As time grew, they no longer needed our help, but they still remained grateful for those who were with them in the beginning.

I saw them turn down so many, what I thought were, great opportunities. I saw them make changes within the band that I didn't think would work out. I saw them enter various contests and make it all the way to the end only to get screwed by THE LAST VEGAS and MOTLEY CRUE. I still haven't gotten over that bullshit. One thing has remained true, the band has never wavered from their vision and direction.

The band has now landed the coveted After-party gig for the biggest pop star on the planet, LADY GAGS. Every city she plays, the PEARLS play. It's their big break and they can hold their heads high and feel proud of this accomplishment. THE DIRTY PEARLS did it their way. They didn't listen to the noise around them. They stuck to their guns because they knew what was best for their band and their vision.

Their sound has changed, which I detailed in the debut album review I did for them (find our review of Whether You Like It or Not here). The sound is different, advanced, and fuller than the band we met back in 2007.

This is the opportunity all you west coasters and fly over states have been waiting for. You can see THE DIRTY PEARLS without having to pay airfare to get to NYC. THE PEARLS are invading your hometown whether you like it or not.

I can tell you this guys, you will want to be at these shows. LADY GAGS has some of the most attractive and morally loose lady fans and THE PEARLS are only but five men. They can't fuck 'em all. That leaves a tremendous amount of untapped ass that the PEARLS will already have purring for you. All you will need to do is be half drunk and have a room close by. It also won't hurt if you have an 80's muscle car. Chicks dig that shit.

We couldn't be happier for the band and I encourage you all to go to the After Party tour dates. You can find out all the dates, ticket prices, and hear more from the band at their Reverb page. Kick some ass in the new year boys, slay some pussy, and would it kill you to put a BnR sticker on your equipment?

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  • 12/7/2012 3:23 AM London wrote:
    Thanks guys! You have been there for us since day one. We are so happy to finally be taking the band on the road. We always get emails requesting us to invade certain cities, and now the time has come. Thanks again and we hope to see you at the kickoff party on Jan 4th in NYC or when we hit Philly in Feb!
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