Could Rage Against the Machine Have Called it For Now?

Rage Against The Machine has not played live since headlining its own L.A. Rising festival show in Los Angeles in the summer of 2011, and guitarist Tom Morello hinted to Rolling Stone that that gig could well have been Rage's last. Asked if he had any idea what direction Rage may take in the future, Morello said, "There's no plans, no current direction of anything, so I guess the answer is no. It was my great hope that we'd celebrate the 20th anniversary with a five-continent world tour."

This is one of the bands I desperately wanted to see when I was younger, filled with rage and angst, and thought I could change the world with my voice. They were fighting and railing against causes I felt passionately about.

But then I grew up. I saw it was nearly impossible to change the world without a hog's head of cash, influence, and celebrity endorsements. I also got laid. And then your ideals, morals, and daily pursuits change to getting your dick wet again. KONY isn't going to get me laid with the blond in Astronomy 101. I guess what I am saying is that we have all grown up and so has Rage.

Sure there are still great causes to fight for and areas of concern that need Rage's power of movement, but even the guys are older and richer. Since reforming, the band has only done a few small tours and one or two performances here and there. Long gone are the days when they toured in support of causes like a Free Tibet.

That's a shame because idealistically I think the musical landscape needs their genre bending ability and cross generational appeal now more than ever. But I am just going to go back to sleep and take the red pill. The steak will taste like pussy, the pussy will taste like steak, and my rock music will sound like rock not like that sissy mandolin playing assholes Mumford and his son.

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