Demo Review of Kore Rozzik

"Who is Kore Rozzik?" has been spray painted in the oft forgotten areas of New York City. The paintings raising this mysterious figure of Kore Rozzik to John Galt levels from Atlas Shrugged. Some believe Kore doesn't exist; others believe he was created in a CIA laboratory in New Jersey somewhere. All I know is a man pretending to be Kore sent me an email with his demo attached that was produced by Virus from Dope.

From what I have been able to gain from Reverb Nation, MySpace, and the New Jersey mafia, Kore Rozzik is a lead singer who was injected with 80s metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in a secret Captain America like experiment. What emerged from those experiments is a man who is part Rob Halford and part man. You know since Halford is a God. Kore is a titan of metal music. Now that you know who Kore could be, let's jump into his demo

The demo begins with Doomsday Walks. The song itself begins with sound bytes of President Obama discussing debt, oil, and soliders, which definitely is a page from the Mustaine's Megadeth song book. The song has a great energy with a strong balance of drums and riff based guitar work. The rhythm section is successful in creating that doomsday/apocalyptic atmosphere. Doomsday Walks is a good modern metal song with a tinge of double bass drums and a guitar solo that reminds me of a Mustaine meets KK Downing solo from Judas Priest. It is a great way to start the album as it grabs your attention and pulls you through. The wail by Kore at the end reminds me of Halford's wail in Painkiller. Great stuff.

Kill the Clowns was a song that I really identified with since I have a severe case of coulrophobia. I have wanted to kill clowns since one raped my father in front of me at a carnival back in the 80s. This song reminds me a lot of Chris Jericho's Fozzy. I can hear a lot of what Jericho tries to do with metal - weave old metal with new metal. Kore is completely unashamed at tossing in ripping guitar solos in at the right time. 

I'm Not Alone starts out soft with a just a simple guitar riff and Kore's attempt at soft vocals. I think this part of the song falls flat. While Kore isn't off key, it sounds it and I can't put my finger on why. But when the song busts into the main section when the drums bombast and Kore hitting the lower register growl, it sounds better. This is Kore Rozznik's attempt at a power ballad and the songs works in that way, I just don't like the vocals in it 1/3 of the time. 

Metal is mostly bought by males as we have a lot of built up testosterone and we need to bang into one another in a mosh pit to angry, riff driven gloom and doom songs. You don't normally find women in these crowds because women don't generally like to be raped by hoped up testosterone junkies listening to metal. However, I think Kore Rozznik has something for each sex, the doom/gloom riff driven and the harmonizing women love. That is why we give the album four wet pussies.

BnR Rating 4

Kore has a show in NYC at Sullivan Hall on August 24. You can stay up to date with Kore and hear a bit more of his work at his Reverb Nation page

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