Flash Mob Protest of BP in New York City

Anyone following that shitty situation in the Gulf where BP is allowing a metric ton of oil spill into the Gulf and kill various sea life, vegetation, and disrupt the United States shore lines? BP doesn't even seem to give a shit about cleaning it up or won't really accept blame for their mistake.

If you have followed us for a while, you would know we hate big business for various reasons. And yea, this is a music site, but sometimes you have to transcend music and protect the Earth. I feel like Michael Jackson from that Earth Song he did for his HIStory compilation.

This Friday (May 28), if you are in New York City, there is going to be a flash mob at the BP station on Houston and Lafayette at 6:00 PM. You have to be there at exactly 6:00 PM. Head to the Facebook page for all the details about the protest.

This isn't the only protest of BP going on around the country. Try and organize your own around your area. The more people that congregate, the more newsworthy it is. BP can't get away this bullshit.

We now resume our regularly scheduled music programming already in progress.

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