Exclusive Interview with Eric from the Veer Union

The Veer Union is a band out of Canada. They have taken the United States by storm with their unrelenting touring schedule, their aggressive live show, and their hard rocking album Against the Grain. The band's single Seasons is currently the theme song of WWE's Backlash and getting added to radio stations every day. It was a no-brainer for us when we were asked if we wanted to talk to Eric, (vocals, guitar). We had to.

BnR: What's going on man?

Eric: Not much man, just chilling driving through Chicago.

BnR: I guess that is because you are on tour with Hinder and Rev Theory?

Eric: It is actually Hinder, Theory of a Deadman and Blackstone Cherry.

BnR: How is the tour going?

Eric: Oh it is sick. We are two shows in and we played a sold out arena - a 3,000 seater last night. Yea man, it's been a really cool tour. They are all really good friends of ours. We have known Theory [of a Deadman] for years and Hinder has become really good friends of ours. It is really cool to be on tour with a bunch of your bros.

BnR: I have seen Hinder live and they have a good live show. Have you had to step up your live game to compete?

Eric: We always get inspired by watching bands. They [Hinder and Theory of a Deadman] are really excellent live bands. It's inspiring to watch a band that is really good live. And it makes you want to play well and perform at your best. We are all about that - just giving it our all.

BnR: Any crazy road stories as of yet?

Eric: A lot of partying. Last night was pretty cool. When we recorded our record, we actually did some vocals on Hinder's song Up All Night. Last night they brought me and Crispin [lead singer of Veer Union] up on stage and we got to sing with them. So that was really cool. That is definitely a highlight of this tour so far.

BnR: What has been your favorite city so far?

Eric: Actually my favorite state is Louisiana. I'd never been there before. I love the scenery. I have never seen an alligator before so it was really cool to see swamps and bayous. Panama City is another one. It is beautiful there. I love it there.

BnR: What is the greatest thing about America besides our hot women and black President?

Eric: Cheap beer!

BnR: Is it better than Canadian beer?

Eric: Beer is so expensive in Canada. You guys get huge bottles down here for ten bucks. At home, that is like fifty bucks or something. That is definitely a positive.

BnR: I saw an interview where Crispin talked about the genesis of the band name [The Veer Union]. I'd like to hear your take on it being one of the founding member. What does The Veer Union mean to you?

Eric: I was signed to another record label about five years ago and so was Crispin. There were a lot of inner politics and it was all about business and it was really corporate. When I was living in LA, I flew back to Vancouver. Me and Crispin were both bitching about these bands that we were in. We were like "Dude let's just go grab some guitars and go down to the beach and hang out and write music." We wrote a song in ten minutes and were like "Dude that is what it is about." It's about the feeling you get and the emotion and passion you get. It is not about numbers and shit. That is when we both kind of agreed to leave our bands and start it. We wanted to veer away from the scenarios we were in. Then we met Fid and Roots and everyone kind of veered away and tried to get back to their roots. A union is kind of like a band of brothers who get together with like minds. I think that is a brief gist of it.

BnR: On the beach, when you were writing that song, did that song make it on your new album Against the Grain [due in stories April 21]?

Eric: No it didn't. It is definitely one of my favorites. It is called Hide the Truth. It was on our independent record we released about two to three years ago.

BnR: What was your main inspiration when writing Against the Grain?

Eric: We write from personal experiences. We believe if you have to sing something you believe in. We are very passionate about it and it is very honest. We didn't want to be fake. Every lyric that Crispin sings or that I sing is honest and from the heart. The record is the soundtrack of our lives.

BnR: I saw a great quote on your MySpace "Every song we write about is about hope, whether it's about hoping to get the girl back, being in a better place, or not being spiteful or cynical. Veering away from the dark and into the light." Your single "Seasons" is the official theme song of WWE's Backlash. Do you think this is the same message the WWE is sending?

Eric: I'm not really sure [laughs]. I used to watch wrestling as a kid. I was really stoked when we found out that they picked the single to be the theme song. We are really excited about that.

BnR: How did they get a hold of your single?

Eric: It just one day happened. Our manager just called us up. I think someone stumbled over it. I think it had a lot to do with our manager. He had the hook up there. They were stoked. They jumped all over. We got emails about it and they were excited to use it [the song]. We have gotten so much feedback from that alone. It has been crazy. I used to want to be a wrestler as a kid.

BnR: What do you think of Kane without his mask?

Eric: It was a little disappointing, I must say. It's all good though. From time to time, times are changing. [laughs]

BnR: Are you guys going to get a chance to play Backlash?

Eric: There has been some talks. I think that is going to be in the future for sure. Not necessarily this one, but hopefully in the future we will be.

BnR: That will be pretty cool.

Eric: Yea it will be. We would be stoked to that for sure.

BnR: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Eric: Alice in Chains! I heard they just finished their record. Jerry Cantrell is my idol. He is my god. He is the reason I got into singing and writing. He is a great inspiration for me. There is talks that we are playing a festival with them so I am really stoked. I have never met him before so that will be really cool.

BnR: Would you say the entire Seattle sound is a major influence on the band?

Eric: Crispin was huge into Soundgarden. I loved Nirvana and Alice in Chains, to this day, is still one of my favorite bands. We do a lot of harmonies and double vocal stuff that is Alice in Chains esque. Seattle is about five hours away from where we are from. It rains just as much in Vancouver as it does in Seattle. All we ever did was sit in our jam spaces and write music.

BnR: I have a couple of stereotypical Canadian questions for you. Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup?

Eric: Vancouver Canucks! My guitar and bass player are really big hockey fanatics. I like it. I do watch games, but they are definitely the over the top hockey guys.

BnR: Pam Anderson being Canadian, would you still bang her even though she is washed up?

Eric: Yes Sir! Me and Crispin are actually from Vancouver Island and she is from Courtney, which is about an hour from my hometown Port Alberni. I would definitely hit that for sure. [laughs]

BnR: How do you feel about Celine Dion being the most famous Canadian?

Eric: Is she the most famous Canadian? I never really got into her music. She is successful though. I always thought it would be Nickelback.

BnR: Yea well they're not much better.

Eric: I like Nickelback. Crispin has had the opportunity to do some writing with Chad. Crispin actually got some songs on the Tommy Lee solo record. Chad kind of hooked that up.

BnR: So he's not a douchebag?

Eric: No he's a nice guy. He's great. We are managed by Chief, which I think still manage Nickelback.

BnR: Well hopefully the Veer Union become the most famous Canadian export.

Eric: Thanks man. I really appreciate that. We are just happy to be doing what we are doing. We feel blessed. We have been on the road for three months and if we can continue to do this the rest of our lives, we're ecstatic. We feel very privilege to this.

BnR: If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

Eric: That is a tough one. I am not really sure. Ever since I was 14, this is always been what I wanted to do. I obviously worked those crappy jobs. You have to make money somehow, right? My dad is a carpenter. I have always been good with a hammer. Maybe I would have been a WWE wrestler.

BnR: Did you used to think about your ring name?

Eric: When I was a kid, I wanted to be the Harley Davidson Man. I would ride in on a chopper [laughs] That was definitely going to be my character. That is funny that I remember that...it was so long ago.

BnR: I am not sure how much fear that would strike in your opponents eye, maybe if you were a Hells Angel or something. Any plans after this current tour?

Eric: I think we have some Red dates. We might be going out with Halestorm. There's a lot of talk about tours. We are definitely staying out on the road. We are shooting a music video for Seasons in mid-May. That will be hitting Fuse and MTV in June.

We want to thank Eric for taking time out from his busy touring schedule to talk to us. We encourage you to buy Against the Grain on April 21. Check out the band's MySpace site for all their upcoming tour dates. As usual, audio below. It might take a bit to load.

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