Exclusive Interview with London LeGrand

Because we sat down with George Lynch (interview can be found here), we had to hear from the second part of Souls of We. That second part of Souls of We is the lead singer and the man behind the lyrics, London LeGrand. You may remember London from his previous band Brides of Destruction. If you don't, check out the Souls of We album for a taste of his singing. What follows is a summary of our conversation with London.

BnR: What is the meaning behind the band name "Souls of We"?

London: It is out of context. It is actually taken from one of our songs. The lyrics were "We all got the souls of we and we can let it be." What it means in the song is that we are all the same. We are all one. George and I were looking for a name and kept going in circles. One day he said "How about Souls of We?" I said "I am down. Let's do this." At that time it was "let's just decide on something and stick with it."

BnR: You are using his name to promote the band. It is called George Lynch's Souls of We. What was the rationale behind it?

London: That was done by the cats who were thinking about marketing this. They were the ones who decided that was a better avenue to get this [Souls of We album] out there. More people would recognize his name. He has been doing it for quite some time.

BnR: How did you and George decide to start this band?

London: I was writing some stuff on the acoustic guitar for Rockstars on Mars. These guys are a bit younger so they bring that whole rock n roll stigma. We had people going to rehab, getting arrested, crazy ex-girlfriends. So after about a year I was burnt and I needed a break. We hadn't even gone into the studio yet. I happened to run into George about a week after I had decided I needed to chill for a while. I said "Hey man when are you going to let me into the studio man?" We have always had that repertoire. He said, yea let me get you a cd and see what you can do. When I put the headphones on everything was together. It was such a breath of fresh air. I just picked up a pen and it started flowing. The Let the Truth Be Known song probably took about 30 minutes to write. It was like something took over. We started to write together and then I got invested in it. There was no where to go with it but forward. He liked what he was hearing, so we continued to collaborate.

BnR: What was some of the inspiration for the songs?

His music would put me in a mood. I guess there was stuff in me that I didn't even know was in me. His music brought it out of me. It wasn't like I was sitting there and saying "Oh I have to write about this." I didn't even know what I was going to write. I just put on the headphones and heard some eerie parts and then I started talking about vampires. One song would sound promising so I would write something in that vain. I would say his music inspired me.

BnR: What was it like collaborating with George?

London: George is easy. He is a nice guy. I have been doing this since I was 17 years old. I don't know if it was because he was so secure with himself as a player, but he had no attitude. He wasn't an egomaniac. I remember this one time where I sat down at the board with the engineer. I said "It sounds like the solo should be here." The engineer turned around and looked at George like "are you seriously going to take this advice?" George said "move the solo" They listened to it and liked how it sounded. He was just real easy to work with. He gave me free reign. He has been working on that album for a few years and I don't know if I was in the same situation that I would be that cool.

BnR: Was it different working with George compared to the guys from Brides of Destruction?

London: Brides were cool too. They gave me some stuff and let me go with it. I hadn't done anything they had seen before. It wasn't like I hit them with a demo tape or a resume. They just asked me to sing in the band. Then they let the ball roll from there. A lot of the songs they had written were already done because of that all I had to do was go in and sing. With George a majority of the songs were not yet written.

I was surprised he was willing to let me do what I wanted to do. I wanted to make the music a little more sleazy and kind of like what I grew up with. His playing is more Hendrix-y, more bouncy. I was sitting there listening and I couldn't put my finger on the sound. Then I remembered. I used to listen to a lot of Mother Love Bone growing up. To me it sounded like Mother Love Bone in the year 2008. I have always loved Andrew Wood. When people were slamming me because of my furry jackets all that was was Andrew Wood. I just built on top of that sound and he [George] seemed to like it. It is like an oxymoron. You have George's guitar playing, clean and elegant. And then you have the guy walking in with the dirty combat boots. It kind of balances out to something unique.

BnR: What do you see for the future of Souls of We?

London: You can't ever tell what the future will hold. It depends on fans, people sitting behind desks, and the industry right now. I am going to write until I am 100 and if somebody wants to capitalize on me, that's great. I am never going to stop. So if the band doesn't last for two or three years, that doesn't mean I stop what I am doing. That just means whoever is making this happen has decided to take another run with a different band.

BnR: I would love to see this line up live.

London: Oh I would love to go on tour. Anything would be appreciated. You have to start from the ground up though. We are a baby band and I have no qualms for working hard. If people who have the power to make things happen allow us to keep banging away at it, we are not going to stop. If they hand us a tour and it is something everyone can do, then we are totally down.

BnR: What is the status of Rockstars on Mars?

London: Rockstars on Mars are in the studio now. We just finished working on a demo tape. Some of the songs are up on MySpace. A few other songs haven't been final mixed yet. What we are doing is recording them the best way we can. It is very rock n roll. We are not concerned with making it the best recording that we can. What we are hoping to do is eventually to shop the demo. But that is so far down the road. We are just a bunch of friends getting together and having fun. I am sure there will be a future for us, but right now we are all just looking at it as a good time. It is probably what I think a band should be.

It is just a bunch of friends drinking a bunch of red bulls and posting something stupid on MySpace. Then we have to live with what we said. Then someone sticking something from YouTube on the site before they look at the whole thing because it has the keyword in it. Then all of a sudden people are irritated with it and we are wondering why. Then we take a look at it and go "Oh god that is why." Nothing is intentional. We are not trying to be dicks, but it is easy to put us in that category because we always seem to accidentally make ourselves look like it.

BnR: I love the name Rockstars on Mars.

London: Thanks man. We wanted to originally call ourselves Stars on Mars, but when we did a Google search we realized there was a band called that in the 80s. So we changed it to Rockstars on Mars. Let's face it, we are not rockstars on earth. [laughs]

BnR: Will we see Brides of Destruction back together in any format?

London: It would be amazing. I don't know. In order to really give 110% to the fans, and they deserve it, we would need to have Nikki in the band. He is a huge part of the group. I think Nikki feels the same way. All of us from those days have had time to think. We realize that we were at different parts of our lives and that isn't who we necessarily are now. Maybe it makes us realize how much we should have appreciated it. I know that if the Brides got together at this point in my life we would have been a closer band. The communication would also have been better. The songs would have been a lot better. I would love for it to get back together. I am not sure it will, but I know that my phone number is the same and if anyone wants to give me a call, I would love to hear their voice.

Thanks London for sitting down with us and talking Souls of We, Brides of Destruction, and Rockstars on Mars. Check out Rockstars on Mars and the new Souls of We album Let the Truth Be Known. Let the Truth Be Known is in stores now. You can listen to some of the album at Souls of We's personal website. (Souls of We personal website)

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