Lynam: Tragic City Symphony

PhotobucketSince I was feeling retro, I popped Lynam’s Tragic City Symphony in my cd player. Hmm…perhaps the compact disc isn’t the appropriate medium for this album? The first track, “Is This a Heartbreak or a Loaded Gun” warrants a real deal tape deck to properly amplify that arena sized chorus. The meaty guitars sound modern, but the production is lifted from the 80's arena rockers of your choice (Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, etc.) The 80’s retro fest continues unabated with the Sunset Strip influenced, “Enemy.”

At this point I’m looking for the keys to the Camaro. I can’t find them, so I play the third track. Now Lynam changes directions with the down-tuned “Lindsey Says” and the ballad, “Just Say Anything.” Their moment of true brilliance arrives on track six with “Porno Star.” I found more hooks than on my shower curtain and your mom would sing along if it was only called “Soap Star.” Thankfully it sounds more playful than nasty since Lynam doesn’t rely on cheap and dirty tricks like other bands (ahem…Buckcherry.)

Lynam isn’t a total anachronism. They throw in a hearty helping of heavy alternative rock songs like “Suffer” and “If You Leave” to complement their ballads and rockin’ like Dokken numbers. Essentially, they are a modern rock band with an awesome ‘80s metal edge. Lynam gets it, unlike those other post-alterna losers playing stadiums for meatheads. Now if only Tragic City Symphony was on my radio dial…

Lynam is tearing through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia this summer, so eat your grits and check 'em out.

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  • 8/1/2008 11:18 AM Craig wrote:
    What is Christina Agu...however you spell her name, doing with that right hand?
  • 4/30/2010 2:46 AM Jackpot casino wrote:
    I agree about them slowing down the album a little too soon with Just Say Anything. I wasn’t ready for the soft ballad just yet after only 3 songs.I remember that “bio” haha. I believe it said the band members were foster children who were the offspring of Ronnie James Dio and Stevie Nicks…

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