Bret Michaels "Rock of Love" sucking in the ratings

According to Mediaweek, the second episode of POISON frontman Bret Michaels' reality show "Rock of Love 2"  had 1.72 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic — a significant drop from the previous week, when it duped 2.95 million 18-49s.

I have a few reasons why this show is starting to suck, some are outlined in this article, Bret Michaels should just date CC Deville.

Now I have come up with a few different reasons why this show is starting to fail...and my opinion counts because I am in the 18-49 demographic.

1. No one wants to watch an outdated rocker make out.

Have you ever been at a bar and seen your best friend sucking face of the ugliest chick in the establishment? There are two approaches, you can watch it like a trainwreck (what VH1 is hoping) or recoil in fear, shun the friend, and never talk to him again (what America is actually doing). The bottom line is, unless it is you making out, who wants to watch someone else have fun? Not me. That is why I don't watch. Call it jealousy, call it stupidity, I call it "Ode to Screwing Bret Michaels."

2. No one wants to hear Bret talk.

All this 16-year-old-living-in-the-body-of-a-44-year-old talks about is boobs, body, and hair. Could it be that there is more to a woman than her body? Not according to Bret Michaels, which might be why he is single. I wouldn't really have a problem with him talking about breasts and hair, but the majority of the breasts and hair on the show were manufactured thanks to modern industry. He kicked out the girls with the natural breasts.

3. Men don't want to watch men kiss trannys.

I as a guy don't want to watch another man kiss a transexual on TV. Bret Michaels continues to keep the "ladies" who have fake equipment and look like they were run over by Optimus Prime. I don't want to watch that. If I am going to live vicariously through Bret, I certainly don't want to make out with a chick who is a dude. That is where Rock of Love loses me. I keep harping on her, but she really is the ugliest thing I have seen. Angelique Morgan from Rock of Love 2 is just RuPaul ugly. Actually, RuPaul is way hotter than her. Here is her "headshot"


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